Sofi Personal Loan

Sofi Personal Loan

Sofi's Personal Loan is one of the most traditional in the country, with a high approval rate and the best interest rates in the market, it stands out because of its numerous facilities.

A personal loan, also known as a personal credit, is money provided by a financial institution such as banks, fintechs, or credit unions.

Positive points

  • No commissions

    No commission and quick turnaround

  • Approval

    High approval ratings

Negative points

  • Proof of income

    Proof of income for the last 3 months is required

  • Stability of employment

    Stability of employment for 1 year

The main characteristic of this money is that it is free to use. In other words, it is not necessary to indicate the purpose for which it will be used, unlike what happens with financing, for example.

In exchange for this credit, the finance company charges a monthly interest rate, which varies according to the policy of the company you are contracting and can vary, depending on the credit analysis of each client.

There is no specific purpose for personal credit. This way, it becomes an option for any kind of person, especially those who have some kind of financial problem or who want to invest in some project or business.

One of the main advantages of personal credit is its ease of acquisition. You can apply for your loan simply and quickly, over the internet.

No need to go to a bank branch. You can even make an application right now by clicking here to go straight to the simulation.

Because of this agility in the process, the resource is very indicated for those who need the money for an emergency, such as health problems or debts.

Requested One of the most requested loans in the country
Interest Rates Lowest interest rates on the market
Payment deadlines The loan payment terms are up to 24 months
Online Application The loan application is entirely online

However, the amount can also be used for other purposes such as buying products at a discount, vehicle maintenance, and several other purposes.

In this publication, we will show you a little more about Sofi's Personal Loan, its advantages, costs, terms and rates.


Sofi's Personal Loan was considered one of the best in the credit segment in the country by institutions that follow the financial market. It stands out for its ease of application.

To know a little more about it, click on the button below and take the opportunity to apply for your loan.

Money release

The release of the money is done quickly and securely, being deposited in the account informed in the form at the moment of the credit request.

Values and terms

Sofi's personal loan amounts are one of the highest in the country's personal loan segment, with terms of up to 24 months for repayment.

So if you need money quickly and safely, for some emergency, click on the button below and apply for your loan.